Goldfish Stories

The Goldfish Club was formed in 1942 so you can imagine that there are some incredible stories of survival and hardship as well as sheer luck. 

Whilst the newer members may not have had to endure such lethal operating environments, the job comes with it's own inherent dangers, nonetheless, and occasionally things go wrong.

Below are a few stories from some our members, kindly reproduced with their permission. Simply hover over the images to read a taster, or click on the image to read the story in full.


  • The author and the P51-B he flew on the first mission

    Stephen C Ananian

    "A REJOINERS STORY" Stephen C Ananian, has kindly given his permission for me to include an extract from a work he has written entitled Ramrod to Munster. Ramrod
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  • A Stirling towing a Horsa

    Staff Sgt Cyril Line

     "GLIDING DOWN" Staff Sergeant Cyril Line, piloting a glider, was forced to ditch after Line found himself "in the embarrassing position of overtaking my own tug".
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  • A ditched Avenger

    Pete Gething

    "A NAVAL STORY" Here are two stories of ditching from the war. In early 1945 Pete was on his way to join the Pacific Fleet when he ditched
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  • G-REDW Floating in the North Sea May 2012

    Tim Cousins

    "WHISKY GALORE" On the 10th May 2012, Tim Cousins was the Captain with fellow Goldfish F/O David Pountain, of an EC225 that suffered a catastrophic gearbox failure and
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  • Ditched Lynx - Al Bundy

    Dirk Schindler

    "Torque-Split, Call NR" A German helicopter pilot ditches a British Sea Lynx about 150 NM from the Brazilian coast into the Atlantic.
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